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Employee Attendance Software – Are you forgetting the essentials?

It goes without saying that we are very much in favour of tracking your employee attendance. The benefits to any business when a good workforce management software is introduced are significant and quantifiable; the amount of time and money saved, not to mention the dramatic reduction in stress and hassle, are transformational when it comes to productivity.

But let’s take it right back to the basics by stating one very obvious fact: to successfully track your employees’ attendance, they need to be showing up for work! If, for whatever reason, many of your workers are failing to show up, no software in the world is going to help you.

What are possible causes of poor attendance?

There can be many reasons why workers take time off. Often, there is far more going on than they may feel comfortable sharing, so it’s always better to give any employee the benefit of the doubt before going in heavy-handed. Common reasons why people miss work include:

  • Physical illness or injury – an unforeseen, temporary issue or chronic condition that affects their ability to carry out their job for a limited period.
  • Personal problems – this can encompass a huge variety of issues, for example financial worries. Perhaps they are having to work an extra job to make ends meet and are severely overwhelmed. Maybe they are caring for a sick family member, or have a child going through a difficult time. Are they having relationship trouble, or even going through a divorce? Let’s be clear that they are under no obligation to tell you any of this, but all we’re saying is that they could be experiencing a lot of emotional pain.
  • Mental health struggles – the number of people suffering from some degree of anxiety, depression, burnout and stress has skyrocketed in recent years, almost in line with both the list of demands placed on us and the instability that surrounds us.
  • Low motivation – do they enjoy their job? Do they have all the support they need in order to carry out their functions properly? Or, a better question: does anyone ever ask them? Employees who feel unappreciated, undervalued or, worse, invisible, do not tend to be productive team members.
  • Conflicts with colleagues – how aware are you of the work culture at your company? Are there any bullying issues that need some attention? Bullying, harassment or intimidation can sometimes be clear but is often far more insidious.

How can you improve your employee attendance levels?

When it comes to absenteeism, the figures make for pretty grim reading: it costs the UK around £20bn a year, with workers taking an average of 4.6 days sick days per year. It’s not hard to multiply that per number of employees you have, to realise you can quickly end up losing rather a lot of money.

That said, there are some fool-proof and logical steps any business owner or manager can take to try to improve the situation.

  • If you haven’t already, draw up a comprehensive company attendance policy, to ensure that all employees are made aware of the rules. If it’s been a while, remind them of it with a gentle email or meeting.
  • Set out clear expectations and outline the impact of attendance on the business; help them to understand the wider impact.
  • Be seen to be ensuring consistency – making sure that all your workers understand and see first-hand that the rules are for everyone.
  • Plan disciplinary measures for poor attendance and, on the flip side, reward good attendance.

But above all, take note of these very simple equations:

Happier workers = Higher Attendance Levels

Higher Attendance Levels = Greater Productivity

Take the time to make sure you offer a pleasant working environment, and that your staff are seen and valued as the precious resource they are. Making a conscious effort to check in with employees can make all the difference – so many issues can be sorted in-house with minimal fuss, meaning your attendance rates rise and, more importantly, your workers are happier.

How can Employee Attendance Cloud help?

In more ways than you can imagine, actually. EAC by Chronologic is a great example of affordable, user-friendly and highly efficient employee attendance software that offers your business access to a wide range of workforce management functionality including:

Find out how we can help you improve and monitor your employee attendance levels by contacting us for a free demo.

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