Employee Attendance for Estate Agents

Employee Attendance for Estate Agents

Estate agent attendance tracking is incredibly important. Why? Because the sector relies on moving parts constantly.

Whether you have a traditional high street shop or an online organisation, one thing remains the same – your agents are on the move.

Tracking their hours is therefore vital so that you can track the cost of labour against the cost of your sales.

Why Track Estate Agent Attendance?

The way that we sell houses has changed and continues to evolve.

One or two agents in an office won’t do. Houses are being flipped in a day, often hundreds of people asking for a viewing of a single property. Because of this, the number of employees needed has also grown.

Many of these employees work offsite, showing clients from home to home, and keeping track of their attendance becomes very difficult.

Forget about the cost of employee lateness. But think about the repercussions of unauthorised absence.

If your agents are supposed to meet clients at an open house and they don’t show, not only can this cost you a sale, but perhaps even your reputation.

If the knock-on effect of a few employees showing up late or being absent for work continues, it will bring the morale down for the whole team as they must pick up the slack.

Maintaining Records of Attendance 

Keeping paper records is outdated and flawed.

Especially in the estate agency sector where most workers/ employees do not come to a central base.

What you need is a centralised system that is accessible anywhere and shows information in real-time.

A system that enables management to see department costs and track labour.

We suggest Employee Attendance Cloud. Not only will the software allow your management to see their employee hours in real-time. But you’ll have a clear who’s in or out.

You’ll also be able to report on time spent doing tasks such as travelling, and employees can track work and transfer departments via the App, on the go.

What you gain from the software

Estate agents need to invest in time and attendance software in order to accurately track the time employees are working. This will help them to ensure that employees are paid for the hours they have worked, as well as comply with employment laws.

Time and attendance software can also help estate agents keep track of employee productivity and performance. This information can be used to make decisions about promotions, salary increases, and layoffs.

By using time and attendance software, estate agents can save money on payroll costs, as well as reduce the risk of lawsuits.

Employee Attendance Cloud requires no hardware cost, and your account is available from anywhere in the world.

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