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Employee Attendance for Construction

Employee Attendance for construction is a vast field. What other industry has so many types of labourers, contractors and departments working alongside each other?

And let’s not even get started on the vast sliding scale of pay.

You’re not going to have the same rate for a standard bricklaying assistant, as you would say a roofer or plumber.

Then there’s the factor of locations. Are you all working on one site, or across multiple locations?

And what about projects, do you need to track time spent on each project (say a house or commercial letting)?

See, suddenly tracking construction workers attendance doesn’t seem like such a small task.

What is the best method for Construction attendance tracking?

There are a host of ways that contractors, businesses and organisations record their billable hours on construction sites. Some attendance systems are as simple as manual recording, and others can be sophisticated software built to automate clocking in records.

Here’s a look at the most common versions:

Paper/Manual Attendance Sheets

In many cases, sign-in sheets are still utilised on the job.

And, while this is preferable to having no attendance records, it isn’t perfect.

After all, construction workers and firms are frequently in and out of the project rapidly, as they need to get to the next job.

Or are dealing with a variety of tools/equipment when entering the job site. Stopping to sign in or out might not be possible / a priority.

Let’s say you have a security guard checking the arrival of workers on-site. Even if they are in charge of ensuring all workers who enter and leave the site record their hours, is it really something you want your security to do?

Depending on the size of the site, while your guard is filling in forms, a worker could be in trouble, or something valuable stolen.

Reasons why manual attendance systems are unreliable:

Consumption of time
Any manual process takes a large amount of time to input and review data.

Theft of Time
Some workers will undoubtedly find a way to claim more hours than worked when using a trust-based system. Not only will this cost you money, but will ensure data is not correct for any audit processes.

Historical Data Storage
Talking about audits. Need to look for time and attendance data from two years ago on a certain day? With paper timesheets, this can take hours.

The Human Error Risk
Human mistakes are in every manual procedure. We’re not robots, and as such can deduct numbers off payslips, add timing incorrectly or miss something altogether.

At face value, manual approaches seem easier to apply and, in many situations, less expensive. However, if you look into the economics of Employee Attendance for Construction, you’ll see that investing in an automated system pays off.

Automated Employee Attendance Methods

Mobile Attendance

with mobile attendance, businesses need to invest in minimum equipment or training. Why? Because everyone has a smartphone in their pocket.

Thanks to the rise of digital phones, businesses can use these mini-computers to clock employees in our out. The device will be unique to each user, stopping the spread of germs.

And can even track breaks, transfer departments and book holidays.

The data is sent directly to the cloud and reported in real-time to the site managers dashboard, so they can see instantly who’s in or out for health and safety reasons, as well as payroll.

Another benefit of automated attendance systems


Geofencing is where a set area is created to allow employees to clock from.

Anywhere outside of this location will not be clocked. This is perfect for construction clocking where you want to ensure labourers are on site.


Geolocation clocking is where you enable an employee to clock from anywhere BUT you track their location at the time of clocking.

Again, this helps you ensure workers are where they are supposed to be, both at clock in and clock out times.

Other benefits of an employee attendance system:

Planning, scheduling, and setting timeframes – an attendance system can help!

An employee absent that will cause your project to slow down? Know in advance with a holiday management tool.

No shows? Find out first thing with exception reporting, so you can get a replacement ASAP.

Want reporting on your labour costs, so you can price up the next work? Easy, peasy, construction squeezy.

You can find out much more about the benefits of Employee Attendance in our Ulitmate Guide:

The ultimate guide to Employee Attendance

Need help deciding what Construction attendance system you want?

Employee Attendance Cloud offers your business access to a host of next-level workforce management functionality including:

  • HR & H&S Management
  • Absence Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Time and attendance
  • Clocking in App

From just £2.19 per employee per month.

Find out how we can help you implement an Employee Attendance for Construction System in 2022.

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