Employee Attendance Cloud Demo

Employee Attendance Demo – Now Live

Accessible, accurate Employee Attendance demo now live on the Employee Attendance Cloud YouTube channel.

The end of 2021 is drawing nearer. So many people look to the next financial year and beyond are asking; what do I need for my business to thrive?

Staffing management, whether that be scheduling, department cost tracking, labour optimisation, HR and more is always a priority.

After all, without employees, your business would produce nothing.

Looking for employee attendance software, however, is exhausting.

There are thousands of options on the market. All looking to sell you their version of tools. So, how can we help?

Attendance management software demo

We’ve prerecorded our demonstration for your team. So they can view it wherever they are, 24/7.

The demonstration is a shortened version of a normal tailored Employee Attendance Cloud session.

But still, it manages to cover the comprehensive functionality of the system, including:

  • The Employee Attendance Clocking App
  • Home screen and real-time tools
  • Employee tabs
  • HR management options
  • Timesheets
  • Rotas
  • Holiday/absence management
  • Workflow reports and more.

Time and attendance demonstration

A huge part of the system demo is its full time and attendance capacity.

After all, Employee Attendance Cloud (EAC) provides your company with a variety of next-generation employee management features at a low cost.

With EAC you can plan, manage and optimise your workforce. All by using a cloud-based central system that you can access from anywhere.

Talking about the demo, Simon Walsh, Chronologic Product Specialist, commented:

“We understand that businesses often want a first glance at a system, before committing to a full demonstration. Thanks to the new video, your team can consider Employee Attendance Cloud at your own speed, and share the offering to other team members to discuss.”

Although the demonstration covers an overview of the main functionality of the system. Simon encourages all interested businesses to contact him for a more in-depth one-on-one virtual demo.

This demo can be tailored to individual business needs.

or check out our website – https://www.employeeattendance.co.uk.

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