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Employee Attendance Cloud Software Benefits

Employee attendance or time and attendance is one of the key areas that many businesses struggle to handle effectively.

From payroll management to employee work hours, time tracking plays an important role.

So when it comes to improving productivity and streamlining business processes, the lack of an efficient time-tracking system can be a real hindrance.

Luckily, cloud-based software has emerged as the solution for many businesses as it can help you reduce employee absences, improve communication, and increase employee productivity.

Why employee attendance is important for your business

Employee attendance is important for several reasons.

First, it helps to ensure that your employees are productive and meet the attendance expectations that you have for them. If an employee is not present, they may not be able to answer questions or provide input that would help improve the work environment or boost productivity/output.

Second, absenteeism can lead to legal issues. If an employee working on a client contract is absent without proper notice, they may be in violation of your contract. This could result in fines or other penalties being levied against your business.

Third, if your employees are out all the time, it can lead to decreased morale and productivity within the workplace. This can ultimately have a negative impact on your company’s bottom line.

Cloud software saves time and money

Cloud-based software is becoming a huge trend in the business world.

The cloud has really taken off over the past decade and the Time and Attendance software sector is no exception.

Cloud-based services offer many benefits to companies that would otherwise be very costly to implement, or simply unavailable without a large IT department or lavish budget.

Cloud software can save you time and money in several ways:

  1. It can be used to store data that are not needed locally. For example, you can store your work documents on the cloud instead of on your computer.
  2. It can be used to access data from anywhere without having to install software on your computer.

Cloud software also saves time and money because it eliminates the need to install and maintain software on individual computers. Instead, all users access the same version of the software through a web browser.

How to track time with your employees

You can track your employee’s time in a host of ways using Employee Attendance Cloud Software, but we believe the best way is through our App.

Not only is this a completely free way to clock. But it will save you on hardware fees, due to every employee owning their own device.

A smartphone is also unlikely to be forgotten, meaning wherever your employees are they can clock in and out.

What are the Employee Attendance Software Benefits?

  1. Time-saving: Save time and increase productivity by logging in to your system from anywhere, anytime.
  2. Peace of mind: Ensure compliance with HR policies and regulations through the Employee Attendance Cloud solution’s built-in audit trail features.
  3. Security & privacy: The cloud-based system allows you to set up secure access for authorised users only, giving you complete control over who can view employee attendance data online via a web browser or mobile device app.
  4. Efficiency: With our system, you can check attendance in real-time and manage your employees’ schedules online.
  5. Affordable: We offer our customers unlimited access to all of their employee data for one low monthly fee, plus there are no hidden fees or costs associated with using our system.
  6. Reduce errors: Paper-based systems are prone to human error, which can lead to overpayment and project delays.
  7. Track performance: You’ll know exactly how your team is performing and when they need help.
  8. Reduce employee absences by tracking employee attendance and sending alerts when employees are absent.


Discover how Employee Attendance Cloud Software can help you save on employee time tracking and boost your company’s productivity.

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