Employee Absenteeism in Distribution

Employee Absenteeism in Distribution

Employee Absenteeism in distribution can quickly spiral into a huge issue, especially if it affects clients. So finding software that can help make sure your company runs efficiently is vital.

In the logistics industry, worker absence is common due to the multitude of moving parts and remote workforce.

Efforts to minimise absenteeism need to therefore be accurate and easy to use. As well as accessible for all your management team.

With the distribution issues of 2021 looking to run well into the next few years, we could be entering the era of labour shortages. So workers not showing up as scheduled will be more of an impact than ever.

To help you keep on top of this, we’ve created a list to help stop Employee Absenteeism in Distribution.

1) Understand Persistent Employee Absenteeism in Distribution

You could spend weeks or months without having to deal with a severe attendance issue, which is great — but even a few little concerns here and there can add up to a big problem.

While some attendance issues arise unexpectedly (for example, illness), the majority are caused by structural issues.

If you keep extensive records of when and why attendance difficulties develop, you might be able to spot patterns that allow you to avoid some of these core causes in the future.

To help you keep track of employee attendance, invest in a time and attendance system such as Employee Attendance Cloud. the cloud-based software will automatically process employee data for you, into easy-to-read reports.

2) Scheduling flexibility

Scheduling practices that don’t consider your employees’ requirements are one of the leading causes of attendance problems.

When you schedule employees for precise shifts and expect them to arrive on time with no wiggle space for things like traffic, transporting children to school, or anything else, your absentee rate will rise.

On the other hand, allowing employees to make up time missed or allowing for some flexibility in this area might help your issue.

Within Distribution, hitting targets such as packages delivered or timing deadlines can be a real issue. So making sure your employees are on-board with their work schedule, and know they can meet it, can save you headaches in the future.

3) Reward the good – Employee Absenteeism in Distribution

Setting up significant bonuses for individuals or teams who exhibit the great attendance records you’re searching for is a fantastic idea.

It’s not about 100% attendance but encouraging people to not be late or absent from work unless absolutely necessary.

Equally as important is properly calculating absenteeism so that you can keep track of employees with undesirable attendance.

Many companies use a “point” type system, warning and even firing workers when they reach the dreaded tally.

Using Employee Attendance Cloud software, however, does this for you. There’s even an inbuilt calculation for ensuring fairness across the board.

We use The Bradford factor.

How can you calculate the Bradford Factor?

The Bradford factor is calculated using the Bradford Formula S2 x D = B

4) Manual Follow up after Attendance issues

Depending on how big your distribution centre is, and how many employees you have we suggest you double-check the cause for an employee’s absence. Even if it’s only for one day.

Using Employee Attendance Cloud, you could dedicate a HR tab within the employee Profile to accurately record absence reasons.

This data will help you discover trends, which in turn will help you either fix the attendance issue. Or guide future attendance policy adjustments, resulting in lower absence rates.

Looking for help deciding what system you need?

Employee Attendance Cloud offers your business access to a host of next-level workforce management functionality including:

  • HR & H&S Management
  • Absence Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Time and attendance
  • Clocking in App

From just £2.19 per employee per month.

Find out how we can help you implement Attendance Management Systems for 2022.

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