Discover the Features Revolutionising Workforce Management

Discover the Features Revolutionising Workforce Management

Employee Attendance Cloud (EAC), is rolling out several innovative features aimed at enhancing efficiency and accountability in the workplace. These new features — Kiosk Mode, Anti-Buddy Clocking, Employee Skills, and Rota Drafting Bench, promise to revolutionise how businesses manage their workforce.

Simplify Clocking and Enhance Flexibility

In response to the evolving needs of the modern workplace and the need for more flexibility, Employee Attendance Cloud has introduced the Kiosk Mode feature, which makes clocking in and out a smoother process by automatically logging out after each use. Kiosk Mode also provides an alternative option for those who can’t or won’t use their phone. In addition to this, the feature provides a live and accurate report of hours, which will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

Combat Buddy Clocking 

To address the challenges posed by buddy clocking, a practice where employees clock in on behalf of an absent colleague, EAC has developed a fantastic new feature. Anti-Buddy Clocking. This feature locks to an individual’s phone number after a user has logged in for the first time, preventing users from clocking another colleague in. By ensuring that employees can only clock in using their credentials, businesses can maintain fairness and transparency in their workforce management processes.

Streamline Skills and Utilise Talent

EAC has also been working on features that will streamline rotas and make it easier to assign shifts. The Employee Skills feature enables businesses to better leverage the talents and expertise of their workforce, as you can add various skills to an employee’s profile, from first-aider to chef, which you can then seamlessly align with your workforce schedule. Each skill is distinguishable by colour and icon for easy identification. Resulting in improved resource allocation and project outcomes.

Optimise and Empower Your Team

The Rota Drafting Bench feature offers a more organised approach to employee scheduling as it allows managers to craft rotas weeks or even months in advance, making them easier to manage and giving employees more peace of mind. The feature also offers employees more control over their work-life balance as they can select unassigned shifts that suit them. By introducing more long-term rotas, automation, and offering more control to employees businesses can ensure optimal staffing levels while minimising conflicts.

With the introduction of Kiosk Mode, Anti-Buddy Clocking, Employee Skills, and the Rota Drafting Bench. EAC has made it easier for businesses to manage their workload and provided new ways of enhancing the efficiency, transparency and accountability of their workforce management systems, which will ultimately drive growth and bring success.

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