Holiday management

Did someone say holiday? Yes, we all did

So, let’s hope you’ve got an efficient holiday management system in place…

The sparkly lights, fun sweaters, nostalgic movies and festive food may well be keeping our cheer levels up for now, but let’s face it: we’re already over the grey skies and dark, damp days. And, with things the way they are, it will soon literally be cheaper to go abroad on holiday than to heat our homes and cook our meals (if it isn’t already).

So as this turbulent year comes to an end, prepare for the holiday requests to start rolling in thick and fast for 2023. Which means this is the perfect time to really think about how you could make holiday management an easier, smoother and far quicker process.

The first and most important question is this: Are you still using paper holiday request forms or spreadsheets to organise and track your employees’ holidays? If you are, we have some news that is likely to brighten your day: if you switch to Employee Attendance Cloud by Chronologic, you can say goodbye and good riddance to piles of paperwork and swap it for cloud-based workforce planning software instead.

How can EAC help your business with staff management?

In almost every way you could imagine. EAC is designed to benefit both employees and employers. In terms of holiday planning, this is how it works in practice:

  • Employees can use their smartphone clocking-in app or web login to request the holiday days they would like to take. No paper forms to hand in and process – which are often damaged or lost in any case.
  • When the requests are submitted, the manager/supervisor of the employee in question can be sent a notification.
  • Before approving any request, the management staff can easily check to see who else is already booked off, to avoid unwanted clashing or under-staffing issues.
  • Employee Attendance Cloud calculates the remaining holiday entitlement for each employee – meaning you won’t need to.
  • Every employee can view their own individual time cards, rotas and their own digital calendar, on which they can easily keep track of their holiday requests, as well as a summary of their time off.

In other words, an approval process that may take weeks from start to finish when there are papers involved, can be dealt with more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Holiday Management is actually just one of the many functionalities included with EAC. Others include absence management, reporting, Human resource management and time and attendance. All of these have the power to dramatically transform the way your business operates; boosting your workforce productivity, making your business far more cost effective and saving you considerable admin time (and therefore money) and stress along the way.

To find out more about how EAC works visit our homepage or request a free demo from our friendly support team.

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