Cloud-based workforce management software

Cloud-based workforce planning software

Have an on-premise workforce planning system, or no workforce management system at all? Discover all the reasons why Cloud-based workforce planning software is the way forward.

We’re not going to argue to effectiveness or reasons why you need to get workforce software, a time and attendance solution or an employee attendance system.

We’re simply going to outline why, whatever software you choose, belongs in the cloud.

Benefits of moving your attendance system to the cloud

Centralised data

With a cloud-based workforce management account, you know all your data is in one place.

Usually, depending on the SaaS software, it has an easy-to-use interface, meaning you can get to all your important data in just a few clicks. No more filing or searching for hours.

Your employees can work remotely

On top of the centralised data, the data is available anywhere, 24/7 with a steady internet connection.

Did you know: Mobile workforce management software is on the rise. Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 25-30% of the workforce will work from home for several days a week by the end of 2021.

Minimal up-front and ongoing costs

Unlike on-premise solutions, cloud-based software has no specialist IT skills needed or hardware costs upfront.

Cloud-based software, such as Employee Attendance Cloud, is billed monthly and starts at just £2.19 per employee.

Secure Data

Many cloud-based workforce systems use world-class hosting solutions to ensure their data, and their client’s data is secure.

At Employee Attendance cloud, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store data. AWS not only boasts an amazing up-time rate but is a world leader in the cloud computing market.

We like to think of it as hiring a host of top-class cyber-security experts who are on-call 24/7. When thinking about your current cyber-security measures, can you say the same?

What to consider before moving your workforce management software to the cloud?

Before deciding to migrate to the cloud, your business requirements should be carefully considered.

Remember, employees who work in operational functions might have different requirements than those in administrative roles – will a cloud-based solution suit both?

Enter the upgrade with a clear plan suited to your investment level, existing technology capabilities and business goals.

Work with your service provider to ensure you get the best setup from your system from day one. If you hit the ground running, employee take-up is likely to soar.

Empowering your employees with cloud

By moving to a cloud-based workforce management solution, you will open up a world of self-service options for our employees.

Not only will employees be able to clock in and out with the free cloud-based employee clocking app, but they will be able to request holidays, see timecards, rotas and more.

By enabling this digital method, you are saving your managers admin time, paperwork and the hassle of ‘owning’ their teams holiday requests.

Now, employers simply have to log in to the cloud account wherever they are in the world and approve or reject the request.

Thanks to workforce management scheduling software functionality, managers will even be able to see when requests clash with other workers time-off.

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Employee Attendance Cloud includes:

  • Use of the clocking app
  • Free account set-up
  • Five hours of free tailored system training
  • Video sessions of this training for future use
  • A customised Employee Attendance Cloud URL
  • No tie in period – leave when you want

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