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Clocking Systems: It’s a jungle out there…

Unless you’re one of our EAC customers, that is.

Everyone understands the importance of storing accurate data when it comes to knowing the exact hours your employees are working. But, depending on the nature of your business and the way in which your employees work – remote, hybrid, on multiple sites, etc., capturing their all-important clocking data can open up Pandora’s box when it comes to choosing which clocking system is right for you.

And with so many companies offering so many different clocking methods, and each method then, in turn, seemingly offering you a selection of clocking in machines that all claim to do the same job but at vastly differing costs and to varying degrees of complexity, it can feel like a jungle mission to find your way towards anything that feels like a suitable solution. In fact, many people give up half way through the process of choosing a clocking system, overwhelmed by the choice and confused at how to know which one best suits their needs.

Depending on your business model, it may be very easy for you to hone in on one clocking method in particular – or, to completely rule one out. If most of your staff are remote or hybrid workers, for example, an expensive wall-mounted biometric fingerprint machine in your office building really isn’t going to be much help when it comes to collecting their clocking data. RFID cards and fobs are an affordable and easy alterative, but if you’ve got hundreds of construction workers having to remove gloves and fiddle around in their pockets or bags trying to find their fob, you may find the cost of replacement accessories ends up being more than the clocking machine itself. In environments where gloves are worn and hygiene standards are imperative, the option of contactless, facial recognition clocking is hugely preferable to having to sterilise hands, remove gloves, clock in using a fingerprint and then sterilise hands again before putting gloves back on – not to mention how much slower this makes the clocking-in and out process.

With EAC, we’ve done the groundwork for you. We’ve tried and tested a long list of clocking systems and have found one that combines the best features of many of them in one reliable, sturdy and sleek model.

Unbeatably versatile and offering you and your staff maximum flexibility for a very affordable price, our clocking system offers your employees four ways to clock in on one easy-to-use machine. They can select either biometric fingerprint, facial recognition, RFID clocking or simply use a pin number to clock in and out. Either way, you are guaranteed not to miss a single piece of valuable clocking data.

This is, of course, is in addition to employees being able to use both the EAC app from their smartphone or EAC Wave, another new alterative that uses NFC technology.

So yes, it’s a jungle out there. But in here, you’re safe.

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