Attendance Management Systems 2022

Top 5 Attendance Management systems for 2022

Whatever your sector, looking ahead for your business needs is never a bad thing – so get searching for your Attendance Management Systems for 2022!

After all, the nights are getting darker, the smell of bonfires and cinnamon is in the air, and businesses are beginning to ramp up (or down) for the end of the year.

And unlike the dreaded C word (Christmas!) you can never be too early to implement a new business software wish list.

To help you get to grips with what’s available, we’re counting down our top 5 attendance management systems.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about employee attendance and management software, check out our ultimate guide to Employee Attendance.

Top 5 Attendance Management Systems for 2022

1) Employee Attendance Cloud

Call us biased, but we truly believe Employee Attendance Cloud is the greatest Attendance Management system available on the market.

Not only do you get all the functionality of a traditional time and attendance system, but you’ll also have comprehensive reporting, Rota functionality and much, much, much, more.

Employee Attendance Cloud has been designed for businesses, by businesses. Meaning everything from TOIL, overtime rates, holiday management and much more is included in the solution.

Best of all, Employee Attendance Cloud starts from just £2.19 per employee per month and includes access to the clocking app, training, set-up and support in your monthly subscription.


  • Affordable
  • Cloud-based
  • Full workforce Management software
  • New to the market, so keen to serve customers needs
  • UK-based support
  • No contract or tie in fees


  • Unable to take away functionality
  • Pricing bands based on employee numbers
Employee Attendance Cloud Time Attendance

2) uAttend by Chronologic

uAttend is one of the biggest players on the UK time and attendance scene. Since its launch, it has been offering uber affordable attendance, payroll and holiday support in a cloud-based system.

Like Employee Attendance cloud, uAttend includes a clocking app as standard, and it’s hardware (biometric and contactless clocking) starts at just £89!

Subscriptions start from £14.99 for 9 employees, per month.


  • Trustworthy – check out the reviews
  • Affordable
  • More than just clocking
  • Free upgrades and updates


  • Does not have the full workforce management offering
  • Best for SME businesses
  • Only two overtime rates
uAttend Time and Attendance

3) Planday

Planday offers overtime management, reporting, payroll reporting, basic labour cost tracking, and templates for employee and job role scheduling, for just £4 per user, per month.


  • Simple to use
  •  A large number of reviews are online.


  • Lacks functionality for quick rotas
  • Not supported by any physical devices (clocking terminal, biometric machine etc), so open to time theft/buddy clocking.
  • More pricey than others on the market
Planday Attendance Management Systems for 2022

4) Replicon

Depending on what you need, Replicon offers separate software.

Software includes:

Track project hours for billing

Manage paid time off

Track project expenses

Manage project hours & costs


  • Smooth user experience (UX)
  • 24/7 support
  • Replicon provides regular live and on-demand webinars


  • Prices are billed in US dollars
  • Expensive!
  • Separate software – not one centralised system

Replicon’s ‘TimeBill’ tarts at $60 (£45) for up to five users per month. ‘ProjectTime’ begins at $18 (£13.50) per user, while ‘TimeOff’ starts at $6 (£4.50) per user per month

Replicon Attendance Management

5)  Clockify

With Clockify, you can keep track of who took time off, who worked on which days, what people worked on and how much they worked, how much money each project brings in, and more.


  • Unlimited users
  • Free for the very basic plan
  • Making it simple to track time


  • interface in general could be more user-friendly
  • Unable to change rate for different tasks on the free version
  • Doesn’t work if the internet connection is weak

Clockify paid features range from $4.99 – $14.99 per month.

Clockify Attendance Management Systems for 2022
The choice is yours:

Whichever you choose to go with, make sure you’re not stuck in any long-term contracts. 

Business needs change month-by-month and what might seem perfect now, could be unsuitable this time in 2022. 

How Employee Attendance Cloud can help you

Employee Attendance Cloud offers your business access to a host of next-level workforce management functionality including:

  • HR & H&S Management
  • Absence Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Time and attendance
  • Clocking in App

From just £2.19 per employee per month. 

Find out how we can help you implement Attendance Management Systems for 2022.

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