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Staff Absence Management: an essential, not a luxury

Here’s a question for you: do you know how much money your business loses every year due to staff absence? If you answered “No”, you belong with the majority of businesses in the UK, who admit they don’t have accurate absence figures. In this case, ignorance really may be bliss, albeit short-lived.

Anyone with access to the cold, hard facts of the scale of the impact absenteeism has on profitability will contest that it makes for very sobering reading. If ignorance is bliss, reality is misery. If you were to think of your business as one large Jenga tower, with your employees as the pieces, all it takes is for a few strategic blocks to be pulled out and, before long, it’s just a question of time before the whole tower comes crashing down…

How can you improve your staff absence management?

Firstly, by being aware of it. That sounds oversimplistic, but the fact is that you can’t tackle an issue if you don’t even know it exists.

There are many benefits of having efficient cloud-based workforce management software such as Employee Attendance Cloud by Chronologic. Amongst them, the staff absence management functionality provides an invaluable resource when it comes to monitoring your workers’ sickness, injury, and unauthorised time-off.

Being able to access your employees’ data quickly, easily and in real time, offers you the chance to act when something is amiss, before it becomes a larger problem. You can see who has clocked in, as well as who hasn’t shown up for work – and why not.

Obviously, there are many very justified reasons for which an employee may be absent. A booked holiday, for one. There’s normally enough warning when it’s a holiday for you to make sure you are not left understaffed, so these cause less problems. Sickness, is another, which, though understandable and unavoidable, is harder to cover. Then there is the unplanned, unexplained absence, when an employee fails to show up – which you will know at a glance because they won’t clock in – and also fails to notify anyone or offer an explanation of any kind as to why. These are very problematic. When workers are frequently showing up very late, leaving too early or taking a noticeable number of unplanned days off, your business productivity can take a beating, along with the mood amongst the rest of your workforce (employees don’t like to feel that there’s one rule for some and a different for others).

With EAC, employees can select the reason for their absence, by using the free clocking-in app, – holiday, TOIL, etc., to give you as an employer a clearer explanation. Of all the possible causes of absenteeism, and there may be some serious underlying issues that will require your compassion and attention, the first step to fix it always needs to be more effective monitoring of the clocking-in and out habits of your staff.

If you’d like to tackle absenteeism head-on and start reducing the significant and avoidable amount of money your business loses on absent workers, contact us for a free demo.

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