A Beginners Guide to Taking Employee Attendance

A Beginners Guide to Taking Employee Attendance

Taking employee attendance regularly plays a vital role in maintaining discipline in any organisation and effective utilisation of resources.

Having a clear idea of who is attending work and who is not is vital. It allows you to see trends in the attendance patterns, identify and deal with issues at an early stage and create policies that can better manage your workforce.

It also helps to prevent time theft and fraud, as well as keep track of time off requests.

Here is our beginner’s guide to taking employee attendance.

Why do you need to take employee attendance?

Taking employee attendance helps you keep track of the hours that employees are working. Plus ensures that they are working within regulated mandated hours.

It also allows you to identify any potential problems with the work schedule. As if you have employees who are not showing up for work, it usually means there’s an issue.

Employee absence can have a negative impact on your business. Not only will you have to spend time dealing with missed deadlines, but you will also lose revenue as output will be stunted.

Therefore, it is important to keep track of employee attendance so you can ensure that everyone is working and fulfilling their duties.

Employee attendance also helps you maintain accurate records of payroll, holidays, and other expenses related to your employees.

How to take employee attendance

There are many ways to do this, but one of the simplest methods is to use a clocking in app.

Why? Because it’s easy-to-use, costs employers nothing (as most employees will have a smartphone). Is virtually unforgettable (unlike clocking cards and fobs) and can be used anywhere 24/7.

Once logged in, an app will record an employees clock in time and send it to a central cloud-based system, where the employee’s attendance is marked.

Using a clocking in app is extremely simple. There is no long and complicated process involved.

All employees have to do is:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Sign in using the username and password given by your employer.
  3. Select the Clock In/Out button to track your time.
  4. Select the cost centre option (department) if applicable.
  5. A green In or red Out will appear on the bottom of the screen when complete.

Within the Employee Attendance Cloud App employees can also see employee timesheets, rotas and request holidays.

Other methods of keeping track of employee attendance include card systems, face or thumb recognition, or paper-based tracking (which is not always practical).

Whatever system you choose should be easy for the employees and the employer alike.

Keeping track of your attendance data

Keeping track of employees’ attendance data can be tedious, especially when the headcount is large or when employees have multiple working sites.

One way to keep track of your attendance data is to use software that can automatically enter the data into a database.

Another way is to manually enter the data into a spreadsheet or database. This method is useful if you only need to track one employee’s attendance data, but time-consuming if more.

Whichever method you choose to keep track of your data, make sure that your employees enter the correct information so that you can analyse and understand your workforce attendance patterns.

How to use your attendance data for business insight

There are many ways to use your attendance data for business insight.

One way is to analyse how often people are absent or off ill.

This can help you identify areas where you need to make changes or improvements.

Another way is to use attendance data to predict future trends in your industry.

For example, if there has been a recent increase in the number of people coming in late, it might be worth considering switching them to a later shift so that employees have more options when it comes to working.

Why your business needs to invest in Employee Attendance software

Employee attendance software is a vital tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps to keep track of employee absences, tardiness, and other forms of attendance misconduct.

In addition to tracking employee attendance, employee attendance software can also help you manage payroll and human resources in a more efficient way.

By tracking these through a centralised system, businesses can identify problems early and take appropriate action. This can save both time and money on administrative tasks.

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