Employee Absence 2022

7 Ways to Curb Employee Absence 2022

We’re kicking off this year right. Getting straight to the issues you want to know – how to curb employee absence in 2022.

This isn’t just about telling you the reasons why our product can help you. Although we will obviously point out a few ways! But giving you seven clear paths you can take to save on labour costs.

After all, employee absence is a significant and expensive problem. And it can negatively impact the culture of your company and your bottom line.

Our absence stopping top-tips:

If you want to take steps to curb employee absence in 2022, it’s important to first assess what’s causing your employees to miss work and how they feel about the amount of time off that they’re taking.

It could be temporary and short-term absences that stop as soon as they start. Or it could be longer and more costly absences that disrupt your business.

Whatever the reasons, here are our seven ways to help.

1) Automate payroll

Payroll and HR are typically two of a company’s biggest administrative burdens.

Automating your payroll can save you money, not to mention headaches.

This eliminates time-consuming manual processes. And ensures that all employees are paid correctly, on time, with minimal hassle on your end.

Time and attendance software such as Employee Attendance Cloud can also help you manage employee absences by tracking hours worked (or not). So you know when it’s time for a disciplinary or if something seems amiss in an employee’s work schedule.

2) Use employee scheduling tools

Workforce Planning Scheduling

Instead of creating and implementing policies based on guesswork, it’s always a good idea to use employee scheduling tools.

Using a scheduling tool can help you make more informed decisions about staffing based on employee preference.

If you know John is always off on a Monday after payday – don’t schedule him!

Not only will scheduling allow you to make quick and easy decisions on when employees work. But having a digital plan to follow, will also flag when employees fail to show up for work.

This will stop any time theft from employees and save your business £££.

Holiday tracking employee attendance

3) Use mobile apps for time and attendance

As it becomes easier and more affordable for businesses of all sizes to access and deploy mobile technologies, they’re also taking advantage of mobile applications specifically built for time and attendance purposes.

Employees can clock in and out quickly via their smartphone or tablet meaning no big equipment to lug around.

An App also means it’s available anywhere, as most modern people have phones on them, at all times.

App T&A tracking can also save time on other admin tasks such as requesting time-off, as it can all be done by the workers via their smart device.

4) Create an absence management programme

There’s a myriad of reasons why employees might miss work. Employees may be getting sick, or they may have been in an accident or, sometimes, they just don’t want to come to work.

No matter what their excuse is for not showing up on time. It’s your job as a manager or business owner to minimise absenteeism and maintain a productive workforce.

By creating an absence management programme, you have the chance to not only address any unauthorised absence but fix any issues that may be causing it.

It is a work-related issue? Something in their home life? Transport issues? Often absence causes can be easily fixed by employers.

Absence Management

5) Conduct regular audits

If you create an absence management programme, be sure to conduct regular audits of employee absences.

This will help you recognise patterns and pinpoint areas where your workforce has a greater propensity for absences.

Without addressing the issues of the perpetrators in a timely manner, and leaving them to linger, you’ll be left with high turnover rates, and decreased morale among your employees.

6) Consider a 2022 seasonal plan for employee absence

Like holiday requests, unauthorised absence can be higher in certain seasons.

So why not plan for this?

If you know people will have issues finding care for children during the holidays – suggest unpaid leave or holiday in these periods.

Need to make sure a busy time like Christmas or the run-up to a bank holiday is covered? Check schedules and rotate staff so people can’t complain of unfair treatment.

You know your business and staff, so use that knowledge to your advantage and plan for the seasons ahead.

This is especially true if you work in hospitality or the entertainment industry.

7) Use the right technology

It has never been easier for companies to manage all aspects of their company’s workforce.

Attendance tech has become critical in keeping track of employee hours and making sure all employees are at work when they should be.

The days of requiring physical punch cards are long gone. So if you aren’t already using technology to help automate your workforce management admin needs, we highly recommend that you consider doing so.

Absence software

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